Having participated in Production or Post-Production on 15 TV serials and a large number of shows, video clips and advertisements, is the perfect associate for TV stations and International Producers for carrying out a number of projects in Greece:

  • TV serials
  • TV Shows
  • Video clips
  • Advertisments
  • Documentaries



  • We offer Multi-camera coverage of Conventions and other events with the ability of providing live streaming.

We  use our 20 years of experience from TV and apply it to the Internet.

  • Audiovisual Production for the internet, for government and privately run agencies.

With a contemporary visual approach and high technical standards we are able to create dynamic internet presentations by combining image and sound.


DVD and Blue Ray for industry, trade and other services.
We support your company by undertaking whole projects or simply functioning as executive producers in order to help promote and advertise exhibitions, shops, conferences, etc. for TV network and the Internet. Production encompasses the  following sectors:

  • Industrial documentaries, which promote and advertise the products of a company, etc.
  • Corporate video, for hotels, Travel agencies, Corporations, organizations, associations, exhibition kiosks that advertize and promote the products or services of a given company.
  • Educational documentaries, for personnel training in companies, conventions, seminars, institutions, schools, services, etc.
  • Production of material which is broadcasted on closed circuit TV in public or other places of special interest.
  • Tourist, cultural, folklore documentaries for prefectures, municipalities, communities wishing to promote their area, museums, archeological services, etc.

All the above videos are used either for retail, advertisment, information, or public relations purposes, etc. and in order to produce them a strong technical structure and appropriate human resources are necessary.


DVD and Blue Ray Production and Authoring.
Full automated DVD  Duplicating unit.
The ideal choice for your advertising using new digital technology.

Our facilities

Photo Gallery of our facilities:

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